Is setting up Ecommerce Store easy?

By Derrick - April 20, 2021
Is setting up Ecommerce Store easy?

I was very keen to build up my own ecommerce store, but lack of the knowledge. If you are like me, going to internet, particular YouTube. You will discover there are tons of youtuber sharing trick and tip on setting up the ecommerce store. They make it sound so simple and without fail, they will share their "so call" student making tons of money. It is really very tempting and how you hope to be one of them. Here comes the challenges that I have;

1. How do I validate that those information are valid? with internet, it is so easy to snapshot the image and make it as your own.

2. There was no information on how many did not make it?

3. If setting up Ecommerce store is so lucrative and make tons of money, Why do people wants to conduct and sell pre-record courses. Are people so generous to share these information whereby if less people knows the secret , the better is for them to make even more money?

Perhaps, there are people who are genuinely wanted to share, but somehow the course fee is just too high for a pre-record training. Even though some may claim to provide 1 to 1 mentor etc, but it seems that information provided is rather shallow ( according to some feedback from people who attend the course)

You can google and will you find a lot of such information

My personal take is this, unless and until someone can hold your hands and get a store working and earning, then those gurus are walk the talk. So far I have not seen anything  of this sort.

Everyone just want to earn from your course fee.

Maybe I have not discovered that person yet, so I will have to do more searching.


The information share in this blog is purely for knowledge sharing on what i have been through. It is for you to dive deeper in your research and decide for yourself. Do share what your thought on what you have experence