How and where should i start my Ecommerce Store?

By Derrick - April 12, 2021

Hi! Welcome back to my articles.

The most common questions which you might be asking , how and where should I start my Ecommerce Store? If that is what it is, you are not alone. I am no different from you, I am also a new to this, and I decided to pen it down  to share my journey which is not completed yet.

If you are observant enough, you will realized there are a lot of information shared by different youtuber, some will advise you to go for this a particular platform, go for trial for 14 days and then you subscribe it. I believe they mean well, but you got to decide for yourself.

As of today, there are numerous platform you can choose from, but the challenges is how to make sale. you can make a wonderful website, but no visitors so no sale.

To start of with, you need to select a platform to use. some commonly known are Shopify , EcommerceHq, WooCommerce etc. 

I have no idea which is the best but i guess each have their strength and weaknesses. Suggest you do more research

Next you have to decide what you want to do, dropshipping? or your own branded products? forgotten to mention, if you preferred not to subscribe to any website, then you might want to consider Amazon FBA ( Fulfill By Amazon) . 

Some drawback

Amazon FBA - 

1.Setting up your seller account can be daunting, if you get rejected, you just have no idea what went wrong, the support from Amazon will not tell you anything. Sometime they will just say "Is final" you are able to sell in Amazon. Sigh!

2. You need to send your goods to Amazon Warehouse ( there are steps you need to take by sending to Amazon Warehouse) - Here is the Link

3. You need to do product research - many different view on this

4. The risk you have to take, if you can sell your products, this mean your stock will get stuck with Amazon Warehouse. although you can withdraw from it, but that does not meet your objectives especially if you send bulk into Amazon Warehouse. Perhaps you might want to consider buying few and send it to Amazon Warehouse , just to test out the products. 


1.  You don't own the inventory, you ship only when there is order. Sound good right?

2. The setback is, it take too long for the product to reach the customer, 

3.  Same thing, you need to know what you want to sell. you can become a general store, selling anything under the sun. Doesn't sound professional.

Branded Store

1. You will need to identify your own product to sell

2. you will also have to find out how to fulfill your order to your customer. You will want to ensure that it doesn't take too long to deliver your products

3. You will likely have to stock up your product ($$$)


 It has never been easy to setup Ecommerce Store and expected to make money. Sometime, people tends to make it so simple and keep showing you all their clients are making tons of money. Is this really TRUE?  Perhaps selling courses has a better revenue for them than to sell products. Most of the courses out there are all video recorded session, they need to do it once and use many. Although they claim to provide 1 to 1 mentoring or even conduct weekly discussion. So far I have the privilege to hear some of the discussion, but don't think it really help any new comer as it just provide advice on what to do, which in my own assessment, still very general..:) does not help at all. Some of these mentoring needs to pay additional fee for them to help and review with you on your store, but again, no guarantee that your store will make money..

These are some of the things I came across and just share with all. It really up to you to do your own research. But I do have to mention this. Some of the information share by these youtuber does make sense, so do pick up some tips here and there and learn.  

That all Folk, see you ya.

The information share in this blog is purely for knowledge sharing on what i have been through. It is for you to dive deeper in your research and decide for yourself. Do share what your thought on what you have experence