Is setting up Ecommerce Store easy?
By Derrick - April 20, 2021
Is setting up Ecommerce Store easy?
I was very keen to build up my own ecommerce store, but lack of the knowledge. If you are like me, going to internet, particular YouTube. You will discover there are tons of youtuber sharing trick and tip on setting up the ecommerce store. They make it sound so simple and without fail, they will share their "so call" student making tons of money. It is really very tempting and ...
By Derrick - April 12, 2021
Hi! Welcome back to my articles.The most common questions which you might be asking , how and where should I start my Ecommerce Store? If that is what it is, you are not alone. I am no different from you, I am also a new to this, and I decided to pen it down  to share my journey which is not completed yet.If you are observant enough, you will realized ...

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